Thursday, July 21, 2016


The day started with a walk to the most beautiful place in the park with a circle of old trees. Over there we did a warming-up with YIP and NTK. The YIP group learned a dutch song (almost learned.......) : "hoofd, schouders, knie en teen".
After this nice beginning the two groups seperated. The NTK stayed outside and the YIP went back to the red room under the guide of Jeroen for a more specific flute warm-up.
Then the morning continued with lessons and practice: We were surrounded by a lot of beautiful flute sounds - ànd mosquitos.
Some of us had a workshop about Alexander Technique wich was very relaxing: at the end of the lesson we were aware of our bodies.
After the lunch, wich was really good, the two groups split again. NTK had their masterclass with Emily and YIP participated at an incredibly usefull and interesting workshop about practice skills. They talked about mental practice, organisation of the time, stress during a performance and they learned a lot!!!
After this workshop YIP had their masterclasses. The NTK played in the flute orchestra while they were almost melting because of the heath.
In the evening it started to rain, so for the first time this week we had to eat dinner inside.....
The conclusion of the day was a workshop about Dalcroze rithmic with Glenn Liebaut. It was incredebly funny ! The skill of Dalcroze pedagogy is to focus on rhytms and body coordination...that's why we had many funny and little accidents ;) some rhythms are very hard but at the end we got a hang of it. Every day the masterclass is very inspiring for us. We learn, open our minds, have fun and get to know each other better and open our minds to new approaches in music (sooooo cool! !!)

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