Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday 19th of July

At 8:30am we gathered on the grass to do some yoga. It was the perfect start to the day and helped us all to wake up and get energised. After this, we all went to our designated warm up rooms where we got our flutes out and played through some exercises. The NTK group warmed up by playing some scales and singing a Dutch song, which they had to sing in different keys. The YIP group also played some scales and discussed certain elements of flute playing which are important to think about when practising, which was really helpful. Throughout the rest of the morning, rehearsals for the afternoon's masterclasses took place, as well as individual flute lessons. After a delicious lunch, the masterclasses began and then we all met up to play together for the first time as a flute orchestra. During this, we played through a piece for solo contrabass flute with flute choir, which was really fun to do, given that the contrabass flute is seldom used as a solo instrument. Once this had finished, we then had dinner, before attending an amazing workshop where we learned about Irish folk music from Isaac Muller and were treated to a fantastic performance of some Irish tunes with both Isaac and Wouter van der Schoor (on guitar) playing. Everybody had a really great time, so much so that there was an encore at the end. It's been another great day at Neflac!

Linda, Thirza, Mourad and Luke

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