Thursday, July 21, 2016


Busy day in Rhederoord today.
The F-jes (little cutie fluties) came to join us and had lots of fun doing the helicopter wave in our warm-up routine. It is quite difficult if you are not used to it ;) After that they profited from some lessons with Jeroen and Wieke and played a little concert for the NTKs. FUTURE OF THE FLUTE WORLD, WATCH OUT, THEY ARE COMING!

In the meantime the YIPs tried to put themselves together by playing some very fast and tricky scales, courtesy of Wieke Karsten; a good warm up for the lessons with Emily and Andrew that were to come!

 TIME FOR LUNCH (and coffee... we need it)

The afternoon started with Jeroen and the YIPpers working on their Bartok ensemble piece while the NTKs were having their Masterclass with Emily. Linda, Rivka and Nina played wonderfully.

TIME TO SWAP!! NTKs moved to ensemble work and the YIPpers to Emily (<3). Mozart was the main theme in this masterclass (Stella playing his G Major Concerto and Carina the Rondo) with a virtuosic Nielsen Concerto intermezzo played by Nicole. 

Thus far, we had all managed to survive, so were able to attend (we swear!) the flute orchestra on time..... oh, we love playing those pipes.... have you ever seen a contrabass flute? Seriously?


THE SMELL OF A NICE BARBECUE CAME TO US  just in time to save Jeroen from our cannibalistic hunger. LEKKER!

We finished our day with an adventurous walk into the woods of the Netherlands risking our lives and limbs from deers.

Time for bed - though those eligible definitely deserve a drink first... GOOD NIGHT!

Carina, Bregje, Janneke and Pedro

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