Saturday, July 23, 2016

Good evening NEFLAC fan club

All of the buddy groups are obliged to write a blog entry to include you in a day of our summer course in Rhederoord, and ours is luckily after our first day of performances and so we have a lot to say!

The day started with a rehearsal in a nearby church where we perfected our stage management and performance choreography. The rehearsal was long so we were so pleased it had warmed up so we coukd enjoy our picnic lunch outside with Dominic.

Some of the NEFLACers were lucky enough to get a ride to our concert in Park Sonsbeek in a convertable and they looked very glamourous. We were dissapointed when we discovered that some members of the huge crowds in the park were there to catch Pokemon, however our supporters were not deterred by their stupidity. The concert, which which showcased some of the smaller chamber ensembles within the group was a great success!

After that we had a fantastic dinner, AND DESSERT, and then it was time for another concert.

This was a concert filled with highlights. Our favourite piece was Czardas where we heard some of the most exquisite flute, piccolo and doubke bass playing known to man kind, performed, of course, by our hero Emily and the charming and inspiring Dominic.

We also loved the performances of our three soloists Alenka, Daniël and Luke. Bravo. Your playing was so touching. Nina had tears in her eyes during In Ireland, the flute and piano piece with Irish folk themes played by Luke and Andrew.

Another highlight was the world  premiere of a new work called Rooster and Chicken for contrabass flute and flute orchestra where Matteo and Pedro showed us their full capabilities.

We had an amazing day, no, a WONDERFUL AMAZING week! Tomorrow, around 6PM, the infamous after-Neflac dip will kick in. Till then, we will just enjoy our very last day in the Concertgebouw!

Sophie, Nina and Daniël

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