Friday, July 22, 2016

day 6 - friday 22

Hi everyone,

Neflac Summer Academy 2016 ran incredibly fast!

The day started with a chi-gng workshop by Ronald. The workshop was very relaxing and inspiring. After that the NTK did a warm-up with Wieke and the YIP with Jeroen. Then some people got a wonderful Alexander technique lesson and the other people had their last individual lesson of the week or got some early morning practise.

After that, we've got a very good lunch in the cellar because the weather wasn't very good. After lunch NTK had the last masterclasses with Emily, and after it she gave a spectacular lesson on orchestral excerpts to YIPs.

Dinner time and Dominic Seldis arrived, he is our amazing guest soloist for the upcoming concerts of the weekend. We had our first rehearsal with him and Emily as soloist...don't miss the concerts, they'll be amazing!

The day ended with a funny Q&A led by Andrew. It was very interesting to hear Dominic answers to our questions and we are looking forward for this weekend of music together with him!

Stay tuned!

Rivka, Jade and Matteot

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