Sunday, July 17, 2016

Neflac 2016 begins!

So Neflac 2016 has finally begun! All but one (thank you, Luton airport) managed to arrive to the wonderful location of Rhedenoord on time for the welcome meeting. Safe to say, the ice was broken quickly with numerous name games. Following this, leading soprano Roberta Alexander gave us a workshop in performance practice, which gave us the chance to consider issues in performance (such as bowing) that don't normally arise in the practiceroom. The rest of the day came with an opportunity for all to both perform and listen to each other - we're sure everyone will agree that this was as rewarding as it was nerve-wracking!

After a long day of watching us play, the staff finally decided to show us how it's done with a special arrangement of Doppler's 'Fantasie Pastoral Hongroise'. This was the second treat of the day: earlier, Emily had kindly gifted us all with special Neflac water bottles.

This brings us to the present moment, at which those eligible are enjoying a glass of wine from the bar!

That's all from us, we hope you have enjoyed the read.

Ellie, Roben, Alenka and Fennie

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